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While the firm has agency agreements with every life assurance company in the Irish broker market, We have chosen to appoint Irish Life as the Firm’s preferred provider for life assurance products. Irish Life have been one of the leading life assurance providers in the country for over 80 years and their commitment to customer care and innovation was one of the main drivers of this decision. The strengthening of an already 20 year old working relationship has allowed us to significantly enhance the products we can offer to our clients.

Protection Insurance

Mortgage Protection


Available exclusively through their Onesource partners, OnePlan is a unique product from Irish Life which combines 5 separate benefits in the one plan (decreasing life cover, bill cover, specified illness cover, family life cover and funeral cover).

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Mortgage Protection Cover

This is a basic form of life policy, which covers the outstanding balance of your mortgage. The policy is taken out for the term and amount of your mortgage, and your cover reduces each month in line with your reducing mortgage balance. This policy is limited to the amount covered and it does not pay any other benefits.

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Term Insurance

Serious Illness Cover

Serious Illness Cover

Also known as critical illness cover, this type of cover pays you a lump sum if you suffer one of the specified illnesses covered on your plan. You can spend the lump sum however you like, to maintain your standard of living, to pay a capital balance off your mortgage or just to help you cope during a difficult time.

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